8 Quick and Easy Crowd-Pleasing Appetizers for the Holidays

Serve up delicious snacks for guests to indulge in before the big meal! These starters are categorized by level of preparation required, so if you’re looking for a five minute starter, start at the top of the list.

Cheese Platter

The-easier-the-better is my philosophy when it comes to feeding a crowd. Make a beautiful and sophisticated cheese platter using a variety of crackers, cheeses, spreads and fruits. The best part is that this platter requires very little preparation and can be made to feed small or large crowds.

Antipasto Patter

Another platter that is easily prepared and arranged with very little time is antipasto. Here are a few ideas to dress it up.

Hummus And Pita Chips

While cheese and antipasto platters are impressive spreads, hummus and pita chips can be just as exciting.

Pair your custom hummus with this recipe for homemade pita chips, and you’ve got a hearty party platter. Both items can be made in advance.


Nuts are a great appetizer because they’re very filling and help ward off hunger. These three delicious sweet or savoury recipes for roasted nuts are sure to satisfy. I always like to keep these nuts on hand for dinner parties and entertaining.

Cheese And Chorizo Stuffed Dates

Another sweet and savory appetizer that I like to serve is cheese and chorizo stuffed dates. These can be made a couple days ahead of time, or frozen and served later. If you choose to, you can omit the chorizo and serve equally delicious bacon and cheese wrapped dates.

Zucchini Roll-Ups

For a starter with a fresh twist, try these zucchini roll ups. The filling can be made ahead of time and the zucchini ribbons can be grilled or sauteed. Assemble the roll-ups on the day of and serve warm or at room temperature.

Polenta-Based Breadsticks

Looking for a satisfying, gluten free starter? Check out these polenta-based breadsticks! While they’re definitely not your traditional breadstick, they are seriously delicious.

Cheesy Garlic Bread

Everyone loves cheesy garlic bread! This easy classic uses a loaf of French bread, which speeds up the process to garlicky, cheesy goodness.

Pizza Pull-Apart Bread

This pizza pull-apart bread is served with marinara, and made using pizza dough! You’ll never look at pull-apart bread the same way again.

Garlic And Goat Cheese Pull-Apart Bread

This savory treat bakes goat cheese (or any other cheese) with dough in a bundt cake pan! Serve garlic and goat cheese pull-apart bread  with a butter dipping sauce.